Resetting an Old HP DeskJet 812C

Have you got an Old HP Deskjet 812C, which you want to recover? Ok, then you might be on the right place. In this post, Im going to talk about trying to recover your old deskjet 812C printer. Although this success rate for this post is low, it is always worth a try to take  on a nice printer.


Different Ways to Reset HP PSC Printers

PSC printers are great printers. In my personal opinion they are probably the highest quality printers HP has ever built. However there are times that PSC printers tend not to function properly as expective which most of the time can be fixed through a reset.

There are a lot of reason why one...

How to Reset HP Fax Printers

Is your HP fax not working? Not able to send or receive faxes? Having some fax error codes? This post will show you how to troubleshoot common HP fax problems and if needed reset the printer to its default factory settings.

List of HP Fax Printers

First, check the list...