How to Reset your OLD HP DeskJet 722C and Make it Work again

Ok, before reading this post, I would like to set your expectation that the Deskjet 722C is a really old HP printer and there’s is only a little chance of recovering it. However, it is worth a try especially with an excellent printer, like this one.

  • The first step to resetting your HP deskjet 722C is to clean it. Dust off all visible dust on the printer.
  • Remove all ink cartridges.
  • If you have new ink cartridges, please have them ready. Otherwise, I’d recommend that you buy some at amazon.
  • Check the carriage, and see if it moves freely from left to right. If it does not, check the carriage path and look for any obstacle that may be jamming it.
  • Now, turn ON the printer. Note that the ink cartridges are still out of the printer at this point.
  • When the printer turns ON, put in your new ink cartridges and make sure all doors in the printer are closed.
  • Wait for the printer to settle down and see if it prints.