How to Reset the HP PhotoSmart C4400 through the Secret Combo Keys

The Photosmart C4200 series all-in-one printers are small and lightweight printers. Perfect for home use. However, it is also prone to issues where it does not fucntion properly as expected.

Some Common Issues:
  • Stuck on the HP Logo – The HP Photosmart C4400 printers has a history of being stuck on the HP logo screen. To fix this you need to reset the printer first and see if that works. If not, then you need to update the firmware of the printer.
  • Slow printer – When the C4400 prints slowly, it can be fixed my resetting the printer and restarting the print spooler.
  • Ink Cartridge Errors  – Resetting the printer usually does the job for ink related issues.
List of Products under the C4400 Series

See if your printer is included in the list below, otherwise use the search box on the right to find the appropriate reset procedure for your printer.

  • PhotoSmart C4400
  • PhotoSmart C4410
  • PhotoSmart C4424
  • PhotoSmart C4435
  • PhotoSmart C4440
  • PhotoSmart C4450
  • PhotoSmart C4470
  • PhotoSmart C4472
  • PhotoSmart C4473
  • PhotoSmart C4475
  • PhotoSmart C4480
  • PhotoSmart C4483
  • PhotoSmart C4485
  • PhotoSmart C4488
  • PhotoSmart C4493
  • PhotoSmart C4494
Reset Process
  • Turn On the printer.
  • Press and hold “Cancel” and “Power” buttons at the same time.
  • “Enter Special Key Combo” will be visible on the printer screen. Press in sequence the blue, green, then gray buttons.
  • This should enable the “Support Menu”
  • Navigate using the blue, green and grey buttons and go to the “Resets menu”.
  • Under the resets menu, select “Semi-Full Reset”
  • Your printer should now start the reset process.