How to Reset HP Fax Printers

Is your HP fax not working? Not able to send or receive faxes? Having some fax error codes? This post will show you how to troubleshoot common HP fax problems and if needed reset the printer to its default factory settings.

List of HP Fax Printers

First, check the list of HP faxes below and see if you have your product. Otherwise, please use the search form on the right to search for your product.

  • Fax 1010
  • FAX 1010xi
  • Fax 1020
  • FAX 1020xi
  • Fax 1040
  • Fax 1050
  • Fax 1220
  • Fax 1220xi
  • Fax 1230
  • FAX 1230xi
  • Fax 1240
  • FAX 1250
  • Fax 200
  • Fax 200vp
  • Fax 2140
  • Fax 300
  • Fax 310
  • FAX 3180
  • Fax 640
  • Fax 700
  • Fax 700vp
  • Fax 750
  • Fax 800
  • Fax 900
  • Fax 900vp
  • Fax 910
  • Fax 920
  • Fax 950

Basic troubleshooting articles are already posted at HP’s website and I recommend the you follow it first. However, there are stuffs missed out on most of their documents, so if following them you may follow these extra troubleshooting steps that may just help fix your HP fax printer.

The first troubleshooting step when you are not receiving faxes is to powercycle the your HP fax printer. If it does not work. Turn OFF the Error Correction Mode (ECM) under the Fax settings on the control panel of your fax printer.