Three Types of Resets for your HP Officejet 6110

Resetting the HP Officejet 6110 can fix a lot of issues. There are 3 types of resets, which can be used to certain types issues that the officejet 6110 may encouter. In this post, I will show you how to perform different types of resets for your HP officehet 6110.

Reset # 1: Partial Reset

Performing a partial reset on the Officejet 6110 can fix issues where the printer becomes unresponsive. Partially resetting it will return the printer to a responsive state without erasing the settings that you may have set on the printer. To do this all you have to is:

  • Turn ON the printer.
  • While the printer is Turned ON, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer. This will turn Off the printer.
  • On the printer keypads, press and hold the “#” and “3” keys while plugging in the power cord into the printer.
  • Keep pressing the the “#” and “3” keys until you the printer is turned ON fully or until the screen turns black.
  • The printer will start to initialize, you may stop holding the keys and wait for the printer initialization process to finish.
Reset # 2: Semi-Full Reset

The semi-full reset is applicable on issues where the printer has gone haywire and does not perform as expected. This process requires all settings and data saved in the printer to be erased.

Applicable Issues:

  • Wireless printing problems.
  • Networking problems.
  • Incorrect language set.
  • Slow printing.
To semi full reset the HP officejet 6110, all you need to do is follow the same steps on the 1st reset procedure above and use the keys “#” and “6”.
Reset # 3: Full Reset

This reset procedure is rarely used. Usually the semi-full reset will do the job. However if it does not, then you may fully reset the printer to it factory defaults. To do this use the keys “#” and “9” with the same steps provided on the 1st reset procedure.

I would like to warn you though, that there have been instances in the past where doing this reset procedure has cause permanent damage to the printer. Proceed at your own risk.