3 Different Ways to Reset the Hp OfficeJet 6500 All-in-One Printer

The Hp Officejet 6500 All-in-One printer is a great printer. However, basing from my own experience, this printer also tend to have a lot of issues. Luckily most of these problems can be fixed through resetting.

Common Hp Officejet 6500 Issues:
  • Printhead Problems
  • Ink System failure Error Message
  • Wireless Printing Problems
  • Wrong Language set
  • Slow printing

The issues mentioned above a just the top issues that can be fixed with a reset, however, there are other issues not mentioned that may  be also be applicable to this process.

Reset # 1: Partial Reset

This type of reset can be compared to performing a power cycle on your printer. However this more effective than just restarting the printer. No setting will be deleted from your printer with this process. To partially reset your Officejet 6500 printer:

  • You need to make sure the printer is powered ON.
  • While the printer is Turned ON, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer. This should turn OFF your Officejet 6500.
  • Connect the power cord back into the printer while pressing the “#” and “3” keys on the keypads of your printer.
  • Wait until the screen turns black before release the keys. Your printer should turn ON by itself. If not, press the power button to turn ON the printer.
  • The printer should now start to do the a partial reset on your printer. Wait until it finishes the whole process and settles down.
Reset # 2: Semi-Full Reset

Semi-full reset can be used on tougher issues like ( wireless problems, intermittent slowness in printing, ink system failure error message and changing the printer’s language.) Although effective, this will delete all settings from the printer and return it to its default factory settings. A semi-full reset on the Oficejet 6500 is done with the same steps in Reset#1, but using the “#” and “6” keys instead.

Reset # 3: Full Reset

If the semi-full reset on the Officejet 6500 did not work. You can also do a full Reset. However, i do not recommend this, as I have experienced a few times before where Fully resetting this printer has cause permanent damage on the printer. To do this use the keys “#” and “9” with the same procedures on Reset #1.