The Secret on How to Fix Blinking Lights on the Canon IP3000

Whenever you canon IP3000 printer encounter issues, it throws out a message though a series of blinking lights. There are several types of errors depending on how may times a the lights blink. In this post I will show you what each blinking light mean and how to fix it.

The Lights Blink 2 Times

If the lights blink twice, this means that you are out of paper. You simply need to add more paper into the printer. If you have a pending print job all you have to do is press the resume button to resume printing.

The Lights Blink 3 Times

This means that you may have something, probably paper, jamming your printer. You need to check any paper inside the printer and remove them accordingly, you may also need to clean the rollers of the printer, make sure all the doors are closed and press the resume button to resume printing.

The Lights Blink 4 Times

This means that you no longer have ink. You need to buy more ink. Here’s a quick link to amazon to buy the appropriate ink cartridge for the Canon IP3000.

The Lights Blink 5 Times

There’s something wrong with the printheads. Make sure it is installed properly.

The Lights Blink 6 Times

The inside cover or the CD tray is Open. You need to close it.

The Lights Blink 7 Times

There is no CD in the CD tray. Make sure you have one in there so you can start to print into it.

The Lights Blink 8 Times

The waste ink absorber is almost full and needs to be replaced. A service of your printer may be required for this.

The Lights Blink 9 Times

The connected digital camera or digital video camera does not support Camera Direct Printing. You need to remove it.

The Lights Blink 10 Times

Duplex printing is not supported due to incorrect or unsupported paper loaded.