How to Reset Canon MP Series Printers and Fix Common Errors

Canon Mp Series Printers are great! However, there are times that you encounter error messages along the way that disables your printer’s functions. The only way to fix such errors is to reset your printer.

First, you need to check if you have the printer listed below. Otherwise, you might have the wrong printer with you.

List of Canon Mp Series Printers:
  • canon mp830
  • canon mp780
  • canon mp640
  • canon mp620
  • canon mp610
  • canon mp600
  • canon mp560
  • canon mp530
  • canon mp520
  • canon mp510
  • canon mp500
  • canon mp490
  • canon mp470
  • canon mp460
  • canon mp280
  • canon mp270
  • canon mp258
  • canon mp250
  • canon mp240
  • canon mp210
  • canon mp198
  • canon mp190
  • canon mp160
  • canon mp150
  • canon mp145
  • canon mp140
Common Canon MP Error Messages:
  • P02 (Carriage error)
  • P03 (Line feed error)
  • P05 (ASF sensor error)
  • P06 (Internal temperature error)
  • P07 (Ink absorber full): the Ink Wastepad (sponge) inside the printer is full.
  • P08 (Print head temperature rise error)
  • P09 (EEPROM error): – The logic board need to be replaced for this one.
  • P15 (USB VBUS over current)
  • P20 (Other hardware error
  • P22 (Scanner error)
  • E13 or E16: Ink has run out. Press the Stop / Reset button for 5 to 8 seconds until the led screen display number 1.
  • E04, E05, E14 or E15: Cartridge may not be installed properly. Reinstall the ink cartridge.
  • E2-2 = No paper (ASF)
  • E3-3 = Paper jam
  • E4 = No ink
  • E5-5 = The ink cartridges are not installed or a non-supported ink cartridge is installed, or the ink cartridges are not installed properly
  • E8 = Waste ink absorber full, or platen waste ink absorber full
  • E9 = The connected digital camera / video camera does not support Camera Direct Printing
  • E14 = The Ink cartridges whose destination are wrong
  • E15 = Ink cartridge is not installed E16 – Ink remaining is unknown
  • E16-E19 = Failed to scan head alignment sheet
  • E22 = Carriage error
  • E23 = Paper feed error
  • E24 = Purge unit error
  • E25 = ASF(cam) sensor error
  • E26 = Internal temperature rise error
  • E27 = Waste ink absorber full or platen waste ink absorber full
  • E28 = Ink cartridge temperature rise error –
  • E29 = EEPROM error
  • E33 = Paper feed position error
  • E35 15 = USB Host VBUD overcurrent error – USB
  • E37 17 = Abnormal motor driver error
  • E40 20 = Other hardware error
  • E42 22 = Scanner error
Reset Procedure:
  • Turn ON the printer.
  • Press and Hold the “Reset button” on the printer.
  • While pressing the “Reset button“, press and hold the “Color Start” button.
  • Wait for 5 seconds.
  • Release the “Color Start” button, and then release the “Reset Button“.
  • Wait until the printer starts to configure itself. This should take approximately around 20 seconds.
  • The no. “1” should be on the display, press and hold the “Tool” button and the letter “A” should now be on the display.
  • While pressing on the “Tool” button, press and hold the “Reset button“.
  • Wait util there are no more blinking lights on the printer.
  • Release the “Tool” button, and then release the “Reset Button“.
Video Instructions:

If you are having trouble following the instructions above. You can checkout the video below for a more detailed instructions.